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Laura mazzello

'I'm all about the people, the laughter, the emotions - the real stuff!

i'm so glad you're here!

So, you are planning your wedding (yay!) and have started to look for a photographer that gets you. You and your soon-to-be are not the posey type and want to keep things casual and relaxed.

I am here for you! I will tell your story in a documentary style, capturing every moment just as it happens. I will be shooting most of the day candidly, with no directions and no posing whatsoever!

telling your story through unposed photography

You want to have the most epic wedding day, the one that everybody will remember, and you want to enjoy it fully with your family and friends. Of course, you want to have the best photos of this amazing celebration but you don’t want to be posing all day and aware of the camera.

You may be camera shy, or maybe don’t like the cheesy pics, or you might love having photos taken but the wedding day you want to celebrate your love with everybody. I got you!

capturing your authentic moments is my passion

I started shooting weddings seven years ago and I never looked back!

With a background in Advertising, Marketing and Communication, and Illustration, I found Photography the best way to express myself and to portray the world as I see it.

I am a passionate person and I live for the love of my couples! Emotions move me and I promise I will be shedding a tear or two behind the camera during your ceremony.

a few of my favourite things


I love baking and it’s one of my favourite things to do to relax and de-stress my mind. I can spend endless hours decorating a birthday cake or just baking nonstop all kinds of cookies, cupcakes or new cake recipes I find online.


Wine-tasting, a good meal, family time, travelling, a good film cuddled up on the sofa with my husband, every season of the year, bookshops, a day at the beach, Rod Stewart, chocolate in winter, ice cream in summer, board games and a good puzzle.


I am a big Harry Potter, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings fan, which includes several other classics in the fantasy genre. My best relaxation plan is any of these films or books and a cup of tea or a glass of wine on a Sunday after a busy wedding weekend 🙂

Meet the team

photographer & videographer

Richard hadley

Richie is a talented British photographer, with a special skill and love for cinematic photographs. He is a romantic but never loses the fun touch.

Twenty years of experience and a big passion for expressing through the lens, he’s reliable, easygoing and with the best sense of humor.


iván berbel

Passionate and with a permanent smile on his face, Iván is an amazing photographer who tells stories with his beautiful point of view.

He is reliable and easy to work with, and his photographs are a piece of art.

photographer & videographer

josep blanes

Josep manages to capture the essence of every moment from his own unique perspective. He’s great to work with, fun and always willing to run an adventure.

As his own Instagram quotes “I don’t work by hours, I work by stories”.


Valentina Catenacci

Valentina is very passionate about films and cinema and she has written and directed different short films. 

Her cinematic vision and enthusiasm are her best assets.

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